Volunteer in Guidel

Volunteer for St Patrick’s Day

Nadine shares her experience.
My first volunteering experience during St Patrick’s Day happened behind the
scenes of the Guidel-Carrigaline twinning committee. In fact, the association celebrated
the St Patrick’s Day last Friday (March 22nd). It was a festive evening in the colours of
It took place a few days of delay due to the unavailability of Los Paddys, an Irish
group who created a real enthusiasm. This group was already programmed last year but
the committee had to refuse a lot a of people. So they chose to invite them again to satisfy
those disappointed in 2023.
Nearly 250 guests were present to applaud the Calfats — a very well-known group in
Guidel — and Los Paddys. They not only applauded them, they also sang with them and
danced to their music.

St Pat 4

Everyone’s contribution makes the evening a success

The guests enjoyed an excellent dinner, served with guinea fowl and a vegetable
gratin. Indeed, we must vary the pleasures! A change from Guinness beef! The evening
could not have been such a success without the valuable contribution of a team of
committed and motivated people. We counted on approximately thirty volunteers, all
members of the twinning committee.
They worked hard and took on some challenges to prepare for this evening.
Sometimes, they even showed that they could go beyond the responsibilities initially
defined by our board council.
Preparing the room is essential so that guests feel welcomed. This involves setting
up tables, table cloth and napkins of course, but also preparing table bouquets.

St Pat 5

Volunteer, what next?

St Patrick’s Day was my first event as a volunteer. It was not very easy but very
friendly. So, I will keep on volunteering next year, I think… and if the president and the
committee agree of course!

Bénévole dans une association

Forever and ever

Another volunteer, Christine, has been in the twinning committee for 3 years. She
also shares her experience.
« First of all, I particularly appreciate the spirit of sharing and conviviality.
Everything is not always easy and there can be some tensions but they remain occasional.
Fortunately, the general spirit is to have fun while giving your best for those present
because the key word is ‘zen’ »

Motivated members !

The new volunteers bring us their energy, their suggestions, as well as their spirit of
initiative and this allows us to move forward and relieve the organising members. It is very
This year, a board organised everyone’s tasks. Even if the volunteers do not limit
themselves to their planned tasks, this has helped to resolve many situations. But of
course, the mutual aid remains present.

The before and after for the volunteer

Every evening requires investmen upstream and downstream! It involves inventorying all the tasks to be accomplished and putting a budget in place. The board council is there to organize everything and facilitate the work of the members who will help.

Tables to prepare, shopping to do, dishes to set up, clear away or wash, and each station there are people present and active.

Afterwards, there are the accounts to finalize, the stocks to count and put away. To thanks the commitment, the twinning committee is organizing a trip to Saint-Nazaire this year.

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