Discovery Wednesdays in Guidel

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Discovery Wednesdays in Guidel :

an initiative from the town hall

As part of the Territorial Educational Project Guidel Town Hall have organized “Discovery Wednesdays”. They set up these interactions for primary schoolchildren. Guidel Carrigaline Twinning committee has been contacted and thus accepted to participate. This was our first time. Committee’s volunteers make the young children discover Ireland during 2 hours. This for several weeks.

These moments are privileged for the associative world. This allows interaction between young people and local associations. In our case, the children discovered what a twinning is.

A playful program for these discovery Wednesdays in Guidel

We were three volunteers associated in this project. We introduced Ireland to the children using playful activities. The nine attending children ranged from 7 to 11. Some of us discovered what it is like to entertain children during two weekly hours.

We introduced ourselves to get to know each other better and put everyone at ease.

Geographical Ireland

We started our animation by presenting Ireland using geographical maps. We drew a parallel between Brittany and Ireland, which led us to conclude that our Celtic origins were common. The children asked a lot of questions about the size of the island, its geography, the means of transportation to get there and how far we were from this beautiful island.

A question came up repeatedly: Where do the « green, white and orange » colours of the Irish flag come from?

Each colour has a meaning: « green » represents the colour of the country and the Catholic part of the Island, « orange », the Protestant part (historically supporters of William of orange) and « white » symbolizes the peace which reigns between the two communities.

The first morning ends with colouring the Irish and Breton flags.

Ireland: land of traditions

Now that the children know almost everything about this beautiful country that is Ireland, we talk to them about the traditions, including the very well-known Leprechaum and its rainbow.

This imaginary creature from the same family as our Korrigans is essential in Ireland. He’s an iconic character. It can be found in all souvenir stores. His legend says that he would hide his treasure at the foot of the rainbow but also, he would grow 4 leaf clovers, a symbol of luck.

To illustrate, this session, we asked the children to prepare a pot in the colours of Ireland, there will be several stages and therefore several Wednesdays.

We always end the session with colouring. This time, it’s a Leprechaum, of course, with the colours we say in English. We spent two Wednesdays for the Leprechaum accompanied by the rainbow which of course had to be made.

We also brought emblematic objects linked to Irish culture, such as the Aran sweater, Celtic jewellery, candy boxes. Many of these objects were decorated with Irish symbols.

On Wednesday just before the winter break, we prepared a snack for the children.

Discovery Wednesdays in Guidel :  Saint Patrick’s Day celebration is a must

The month of March is coming, the holidays are over and above all it is St Patrick’s Day month. During the last two sessions we tell them about the international holiday that is Saint Patrick’s Day. First of all, who is St Patrick and then what do we do for this occasion. We tell the legend of Saint-Patrick and answer questions. But first of all, we varnish the pots which are starting to look very pretty.

Le comité de jumelage de Guidel Carrigaline termine ses animations du mercredi
Mercredis découverte à Guidel pour le comité de jumelage

Happy children and a satisfied twinning committee

And there comes the last Wednesday. The children collect their pots. They prepare the clover garland and it all ends with a snack. But surprisingly cakes are wrapped in green paper.

Each child leaves with their pot and the treasure cakes as well as the clover garland. One of the children told us that she would stick photos of her family there. What a great idea!

Thank you, children. You have discovered a country, an association and perhaps one day we will meet in Ireland.

Traditional music on the program

Luckily one of us is a musician. She brought her accordion and showed it to the children, and of course played it. She also had a flute and a bodhran on loan. Celtic music is in the spotlight and we show them a video of Irish dances. The children are delighted.

At any time you can join Guidel-Carrigaline Twinning Committee

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